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Continuity Agreement

Service Agreement

The law requires us to renew our arrangement every two years. Please press NEXT / SUBMIT button below to continue your ongoing service arrangement with Michael Kakaras and or George Kordos of Australian National Consulting Pty Ltd. 
(Please note, this is not a lock in contract, you can cancel your arrangement with 30 days notice).  
1. Please complete your details. *This question is required.
By checking this box you are cancelling your ongoing service arrangment with your financial adviser Michael Kakaras and or George Kordos of Australian National Consulting Pty Ltd and your investment and or superannuation will no longer be monitored.

The continuous monitoring and research of investments is critical to the long term success of your strategy.  Ongoing portfolio management is pivotal;
  • it adds value to overall long term investment performance
  • reduces the chance of loss by holding an investment that become worthless.
Our ongoing management service offers you with access to professional investment supervision that provides you with the comfort of knowing that your investments are under constant watch.

I/We request to sell down all supervised investments on termination of this agreement and either deposit in my nominated account or converted to cash within superannuation/pension account.  

*This question is required.
  • Selling down liquid investments may alter your investment strategy to a more volatile portfolio. 
  • Redeeming funds from growth assets may have a detrimental impact on your long term investment strategy. 
  • Selling investments may result in a capital gain or loss that may have taxation consequences. 
  • You may be financially disadvantaged if you sell now and then buy the same or similar investment later due to the difference between the buy / sell unit or share price.